Learn to 

❖  Teaching non-judgement, empathy, kindness and friendship, while emphasizing compassion, tolerance, inclusion, understanding and acceptance towards all abilities, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities and religions.

❖  Encouraging all to be the best that they can be, honoring and embracing their own uniqueness while respecting and understanding everyone else’s individuality, challenges and differences.

❖  Practical and proven solutions are provided for the bullies, those being bullied and bystanders to not only identify and put a stop to all six types of bullying but also move towards becoming our next generation of leaders and peacemakers.

❖  Using multimedia we furthermore encourage and inspire all to accept diversity, come together as one, forgive easily, deal with anger appropriately, workout differences peacefully and choose to be a friend. “Pledge to be a Friend” cards, bracelets and stickers are provided for students.

Pledge to "Be A Friend" cards given at our school presentations. 

This powerful display of victims of bullying speaks loud and clear as it demonstrates the serious problem of bullying. we bring these vigils at our events to raise awareness and to our school presentations for high school and college upon request. Every story is a shocking reminder that bullying can happen to anyone and that no one is safe for as long as it continues.  


Seven assembly presentations designed for K-3rd grades, 4th & 5th grades, Middle Schools, High Schools, colleges, Parents and Educators. Each presentation’s main focus varies depending on the needs of each group:

Have us come and educate your school  

Our "Be A Friend" Stickers given at school presentations. 

Our bracelets given at school presentations.

K-3RD GRADES with "Once Upon a Season" Puppet Show

Children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade obtain a clear education on acceptable and non-acceptable behaviors, identifying and understanding 6 types of bullying, having compassion and understanding towards children with different abilities (using puppets and slides) and different races as they learn about non- judgment, forgiveness, kindness and friendship. Our puppet show demonstrates stories that are memorable and engaging as it identifies 6 types of bullying and offers solutions.

4TH & 5TH GRADES with "Once Upon a Season Puppet Show

Children in 4th & 5th grade obtain a more in-depth training on 6 types of bullying specially cyber bullying, practicing the “6 Pillars” of character, accepting diversity, respecting peers with different abilities and learning practical peaceful solutions to work out differences, specifically for the bully, the bullied, and the bystanders. Puppets and 
marionette further engage children as we offer solutions with our unique talents of story-telling. Videos show visual and scientific impact of kindness within our circles and beyond.

MIDDLE SCHOOL with "Once Upon a Season" Marionettes

Middle school kids are more seriously subjected to cyber bullying besides struggling with peer pressure. This group’s presentation also includes a more in-depth education on how to protect against cyber bullies and the right course of action when it happens. Encouraging those who get bullied to be strong and secure with who they are, those who bully others to be more respectful, kind and compassionate towards all and the bystanders to invite diversity into their groups so no student is left alone without a friend. 


Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young adults between 15-24 years of age. This group is also presented with criminal bullying, the short term legal consequences as well as long term effects of bullying on bullies and their victims as they are stepping into adulthood, how their choices of what they let into their body and mind as well as their friendships now can affect the rest of their lives, while encouraging them to say no to drugs and violence, learn to love and believe in themselves, use their abilities to become our next generation of leaders and peacemakers, come together as one and embrace diversity into their circle of friends to build a stronger and healthier future for themselves and others. 


Our children do what we do not what we tell them to do! This presentation provides insights into how parents can be who they want their children to become, accentuate the positive in their child, stay connected and always leave the line of communication open as they help raise a generation that values peaceful negotiations, respecting all and accepting diversity and differences. Parents also learn about the proper response and course of action to take when their child bullies or is bullied at school or online.


This presentation provides the latest research and information available on prevention, effective intervention techniques, legal responsibilities, procedures to follow during and after a bullying incident and practical guides to provide a bully-free and safe environment for all at our schools.